Her playing is raw and unadorned… wrought by an overdriven, electric guitar that exposes and hides the mysteries of American music. -NPR
Anderson unfolds as a master of stylistic swivels, pushing from steady-handed blues staggers to open-road pontifications, from understated ragas to psychedelic meditations with a deliberate quality that belies the record’s title. She’s a fleet, dexterous picker with a broad sense of what her guitar can do
Anderson…has paid her dues and done her research: she played in country, circus, and jazz bands before applying her acumen to a series of solo instrumental records for acoustic and electric guitar and lap steel. Her performances of chestnuts such as “Just a Closer Walk With Thee” and “Farther Along” are structurally sound and patiently paced, allowing the audience to soak in her waves of Pops Staples-style reverb and be hypnotized by her Elizabeth Cotton-inspired fingerpicking.-Chicago Reader
Anderson’s tone is one to wade out into – one moment her slide brittle and brief against the grooves of the steel strings, the next a long-in-dying tremolo her instrument’s heaving breaths. Anderson is mesmerizing – from the freer interpretations, such as the shamanistic “Battle Hymn of the Republic,” to straighter renditions, such as the Merle Travis thumb-hop of “When the Roll is Called Up Yonder” – the swirl of whiskey poured into tea; a drawn-out story in the shade. -Boston Hassle
Her sound has strength in restless variety…Anderson’s playing is heartfelt and utterly American- free from grandstanding and steeped in respect for the old tradition.        -The WIre July 2013
THREE THINGS will happen when you listen to Marisa Anderson’s Mercury: you’ll instantly get used to it, you’ll never get tired of it, and you’ll be flooded by your own personal filmstrip of dusty roads, rusty trains, craggy mountains, and weathered faces.-Portland Mercury
Anderson’s haunting and evocative slide-guitar work takes the delta-blues into uncharted territory. -Time Out London 
One of Portland’s best guitarists –

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